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You can use REEF Polling and other REEF Education products through your Web browser, by downloading our iOS app from the iTunes App Store or our Android app from Google Play.

After signing up for an account online or in one of our apps, you will receive the first 14 days free!

System requirements can be viewed here

Use Your Own Device

Choose to use your smartphone, tablet or laptop as your response device. You can use REEF Polling through your Web browser or by downloading either our iOS app from the iTunes App Store or the Android app from Google Play.

Please note: existing i>clicker users can still use i>clicker + and i>clicker 2 remotes alongside smart devices in the same class.

Answer Polling Questions

Create an account, find your institution, search for your instructor and add a course! From there, just join a session to view questions and presentation images right on your device and begin participating in class.

Use Question & Answer History As A Study Guide

View a list of past polling sessions and answer history. Clicking on past sessions allows you to review all of the questions asked during a particular class, the images accompanying the questions, your answers, the correct answers and how the rest of the class answered. The past session feature is a great study guide right on your device!

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