All product innovations are inspired by client feedback and tested in classroom scenarios.

REEF Polling

  • Keep students engaged with interactive polling sessions
  • Identify and eliminate knowledge gaps with real-time results
  • Provide students with session history to be used as a study guide outside of class
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REEF Quizzing Beta

  • Implement low-stakes, self-paced activities like quizzes
  • Incorporate group activities and collaborative learning
  • Acquire feedback and data by administering surveys
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REEF Analytics

  • Insight to usage across your campus, department, and classrooms
  • Understand how instructors and students are using engagement technologies
  • Create a smarter campus, make informed decisions and revolutionize learning
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Use One Product, Or Use Them All

REEF Education is a scalable, mobile-optimized engagement platform designed to provide a superior experience through the use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Adapting to meet the needs of various users across campus, a variety of instructional solutions allow you to adopt the appropriate pedagogical tools for your course or administrative needs. Our initial solutions include REEF Polling, REEF Quizzing, and REEF Analytics. More solutions are coming.

REEF Polling
REEF Quizzing Beta
REEF Education
REEF Analytics

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