REEF Analytics

A web-based solution that provides administrators with insights into how REEF Polling is used on campus through easy to use dashboards, instructor and course reports, and Excel exports.


REEF Analytics provides the ability to reduce time and resources dedicated to data collection and analysis while assisting with improving teaching and learning strategies.

  • Daily Reporting

    Report data updated on a daily basis providing a fresh viewpoint

  • Customizable Date Ranges

    Filter data by semester over semester or year over year

  • User-friendly Dashboard Views

    View a dashboard of instructor and student usage trends across campus

  • Track Users and Disciplines

    Through instructor and course reports, track where and how REEF Education is being used

  • Identify Device Preferences

    Gain visibility to how many students are using clickers vs. mobile devices

  • Leverage Users

    Locate your REEF Education power users or those who may need implementation assistance

  • Export Data

    Export data Excel and manipulate with Excel functionalities

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