REEF Quizzing

Quizzing is a fast and easy way to setup and administer a quiz, test, or self-paced activity. Students complete quizzes using their laptops or mobile devices. Grading is simple and students receive instant results and custom instructor feedback.

Instructor Features

  • Pose questions in a quiz format

    Administer a multiple choice quiz

  • Access student performance

    Monitor student progress in real-time

  • Assign points with ease

    Grade in minutes

  • Create meaningful discussions

    Provide students with feedback/remediation on the questions they missed

  • Sync to your LMS

    Upload grades to your Learning Management System

Student Features

  • Use personal devices

    Complete quizzes on your laptop or smart device

  • Toggle through questions

    Answer questions at your own pace

  • Check work before finalizing

    Review questions before submitting

  • See grades quickly

    Receive quiz results as soon as grading is complete

  • Access scores and class performance

    View your quiz score and the class average on your laptop or mobile device

Technical Specifications

To view the minimum system requirements for the REEF Quizzing instructor application and student applications, please visit our support portal.

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